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Welcome to Bharath Education Foundation

Bharat Education Foundation is an Institution of outstanding caliber. The singular objective of the institution is to educate, engage and empower young men and women to be globally effective. It fosters an atmosphere of intellectual reigor and moral rectitude in which the young of our country may find their life fulfillment and achieve greatness as full-fledged professional with a sense of purpose, commitment and dedication. Bharath Education Foundation looks at education differently, it consistently update and upgrade itself to suit the changing Trends and times. For the last 17 years it's been an incredible journey for the institution with rapid strides in its growth and reach into other parts of Malabar like Mannarkad and Ayikarappadi, with more social and charity works aimed at the grassroots, winning multiple awards and mass support for its uncompromising commitment for quality and professionalism.

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"To provide affordable quality education to help students discover their inherent abilities as to enable and equip them to be employable in the fast emerging world."
" Bharath Education Foundation we strive to produce a new cadre of professionals in their chosen stream, being emotionally intelligent, intellectually vibrant and professionally component to face the realities of their life and career."
Bbharath Foundation

Mr. E. Shamsudeen - Director

With the singular focus of bringing the best practices of education to Bharath,our vision of a truly global and holistic educational experience for each student at Bharath is driven by our belief that vibrant academic culture coupled with strong human resources and abiding values , build an institution. [ Read More ]

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